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Ways in Designing an Herb Garden

Each person has his or her own idea of what would be a perfect herb garden design. Every herb garden design would greatly depend on the designer’s needs and preferences on his or her herb garden. Each herb garden design also differs in the purpose it will serve. For example, a certain person makes his herb garden design to be alongside with other plants, such as flower plants, to make it look appealing to the eyes, since there would be a mix in different colors from different flowering plants and also from herbs.

How to Make an Herb Garden Design

Before starting to make and herb garden design, it is very important to put into consideration what will be the purpose of your herb garden when it is already done. Planning accordingly before making an herb garden design is very useful, so that you can make the best out of your herb garden. Choosing the right location for your herb garden design should be done to save time during harvesting, such as placing your herb garden nearest to the kitchen if herbs with cooking purposes are used. This will save time when harvesting herbs, for the herb garden is found somewhere very near and easily accessible. The location of the herb garden should not be only accessible, it should also be in an area where all the herbs can receive at least 4 hours to 6 hours of sunlight every single day.

Herb Garden Design Themes

Garden Design Theme: Scented Herb Garden

Themes incorporated in any herb garden design means using of specific color schemes, specific aromatic herbs, specific containers, etc. The herb garden design is basically based on the theme according to the person’s preference. In fact, an herb garden design can consist of various themes, which are done through separated or individual garden beds. For example, a certain theme of colored herbs will be grouped together, and in another area, all aromatic herbs are grouped together and so on.

Formal Herb Garden Design

Making a formal herb garden is not that simple as making an informal herb garden design. Formal herb garden design is more complicated, since it includes specific symmetry, knots, interweaving textures, geometric designs, etc. Herbs would be arranged according to height, color, and size. Formal herb garden design requires more time for constant monitoring and maintenance on its design’s appearance. Knot herb garden design is one of the most common herb garden designs used by many people.

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