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When to Best Apply Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Fish emulsion fertilizer is considered to be a kind of organic fertilizer, which is made from leftover fish parts or even an entire fish. Making your own fish emulsion fertilizer at home can easily be done, and it will not even take you more than several weeks for your homemade fish emulsion fertilizer to be ready for use. Fish emulsion fertilizers possess numerous benefits and it even contains the same amount or even higher amounts of micronutrients and some minerals when compared to other commercially made fertilizers or even when compared to other organic fertilizers.

Fish Emulsion Fertilizer during Early Season

When to Best Apply Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Micronutrients and minerals found in fish emulsion fertilizers are very important in supplying early season plants for healthier and better growth. In other words, when applying fish emulsion fertilizers to newly grown plants, it can heal in giving then a strong start. Applying fish emulsion fertilizer on seedlings can really be beneficial in a way that it can make it stronger and sturdier as seedlings grow. Just pour enough amount of fish emulsion fertilizer to the ground or soil of your garden where your seedlings are planted and all its micronutrients and minerals will slowly seep in to your soil and absorber by your plants.

Best Time of the Day to Apply Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

It will not do your garden any good if you are going to apply your fish emulsion fertilizer anytime during the day. There are certain times of the day that can make the best out from your fish emulsion fertilizer. It will be best if you are not going to apply your fish emulsion fertilizer to your garden during full sunlight hours. Fish emulsion fertilizer can easily evaporate during direct sunlight and it can also possibly burn and damage your leaves. In applying the fish emulsion fertilizer, you can use a sprayer of a garden hose attachment during early morning or late evening hours.

Unpleasant Smell for Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

One of the most common reasons why plenty of people do not use fish emulsion fertilizer is the unpleasant smell coming from the rotting fish used in making the fertilizer. However, what people do not know is that when fish emulsion fertilizer is applied to the garden, the odor will only last of the first 24 hours. After 24 hours since the application of the fish emulsion fertilizer, your garden will not smell like fish anymore.