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Xeriscape Herb Garden Design For You

Design Your Garden With Xeriscaping

In herb garden design, xeriscaping is a way to select those plants which are perfectly compatible to water conditions of a particular area.  If you are planning for a herb garden design and want to get maximum benefits of it, then you should have knowledge of different things related to gardening. In these things, water condition, soil, herbs selection etc are some of them. You can’t grow all kinds of herbs because some herbs can be grown in some particular areas and thus, xeriscaping will let you know which herbs can be grown in your herb garden design.

What Herbs You Can Use In Your Xeriscape Herb Garden Design

There are numerous herbs that thrive in warm and arid conditions and all these herbs are compatible for xeriscape herb garden. So, if you are planning for such garden, then you should consider drought hard herbs in which you can include lavender, yarrow, oregano, bee balm, marjoram, sweet alyssum, thyme, Russian sage, rosemary, Lamb’s ears etc. In addition to these plants, you can grow those herbs which are compatible for all seasons and conditions.

Plant Vegetables In Your Xeriscape Herb Garden Design

Xeriscape Herb Garden Design

As per xeriscape environment, you can easily find several sorts of vegetables from a local agency of agriculture. Get a list of vegetables suiting your area climate and choose some vegetables that you want to grow in your xeriscape garden. After selecting those vegetable plants from the list, you can get plants at your house and now, you can start your gardening as per your convenience. This way, you will get sufficient vegetables inside your house and that will be free of all pesticides or other chemical’s effect.

Instruction To Grow Incompatible Vegetables

In case, you want to grow a vegetable that does not suit xeriscape herb garden or in drier climate, then it is also possible. For this you should use a container made of plastic with some holes at the bottom. After that burry those containers at plant’s base and tops should stick out. This thing will help you in watering. Now, you don’t need to give excess watering to those plants, but they will stay full for long time. Still, you should check time to time if your vegetable plants need water or so.

Xeriscape Herb Garden Design Requires Careful Planning

Indeed, if you want to get thriving vegetables and herbs in your garden, then you should plan your xeriscape garden very carefully. With a precise planning you will not be able to grow only some vegetables and herbs that are compatible to your area climate, but also some incompatible ones. However, those herbs need special care and different process for planting. It would be a bit difficult but certainly possible. While, you have a big list of other plants that can easily grow in your xeriscape herb garden design, so get them and enjoy your gardening.